Style MyCover Stickers LOVE, Cognac, Heart

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Style MyCover Stickers LOVE, Cognac, Heart

Style and personalize your phone cover with statement and A-Z leather stickers. The stringent design of the stickers ensures a professional and graphic look. The 3M tape on the backside is water resistant, it tolerates high/low temperatures and is extremely resistant to wear and tear. To achieve the best durability, make sure that the surface is clean before applying the tape. The tape sticks to all surfaces, but the best durability is obtained when used on textile and leather.
€ 7.00


Variants: A-Z, SMILE (cognac and round black), HELLO (black, round black), Director of small talk (black), LOVE (heart black, heart cognac), HEY (black, cognac). Material: Leather. Tape: 3M tape, permanent sticker. Typography: Arne Jacobsen's Vintage ABC.

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